Strategic branding and Squarespace web design for small businesses with big ideas

THOUGHTFUL branding and web design

For small businesses with BIG ideas.

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Branding and Graphic Design

Our process is differenT

Before any sketching begins, we partner with our clients to define in detail their brand’s voice, target audience and aspirations through our signature “Brand Strategy” process and report.

This brand strategy is the foundation for all of our design work. It ensures our designs always make a great first impression, attract the right customers, and deliver value for years to come.  


Website Design

UniQue and functional websites

We design stand-out, easy-to-maintain, and SEO optimized Squarespace websites for businesses that are ready to level-up. Our user experience (UX) focused design is developed around your goals and priorities and always optimized for mobile.

Whether you want to look more put together, build a loyal tribe of subscribers, or change the world, our websites will upgrade your presence online and IRL.


Hi there, we’re Bobby and Shay.

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( The Robot’s Name is Tobo )

Together, we are Free The Robot Creative, a mom and pop design shop creating custom brands and websites for entrepreneurs and businesses both small and not so small. 

It’s our mission to design distinct, cohesive visual identities for business owners who are ready for their business to look as good IRL as it does in their heads.

Shay serves as the in-house web guru and project manager extraordinaire. Bobby handles the creative direction and copywriting. He also doodles a lot. Tobo looks cute. That’s his only job. 


Bobby Schindler
Brand Strategy, Graphic Design, Illustration, Office DJ


Shay Schindler
Brand Strategy, Web Design, Taking Care of Business

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Company Mascot, Imaginary Friend, Comic Relief


Okay, okay … some personal stuff.

We’re a husband and wife team based in St. Louis, MO (but we like to fly south for the winter).

In our free time we enjoy eating chips and dips of all varieties, listening to music too loud, and looking at dachshunds on Instagram. 

Our biggest dream was / is to run our own location-independent business and nothing charges our batteries more than supporting other entrepreneurs reach their goals.


That’s Us. now it’s your turn.



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 We don’t do cookie cutter

Everything we design is custom made for you and your business.


We love working on custom projects like:

  • Illustrations

  • Packaging

  • Posters

  • Photography

  • Event DESIGN

  • Editorial design

  • Content Strategy



Got something unique in mind?

We like to think outside the box too.