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A New Business Opens Its Doors

Green Door Therapy: Modern Counseling Services in Chicago, IL



Licensed therapists Bridget and Brooke met while working as counselors for a large company serving the suburbs of Chicago. They joined forces to open their own practice out of shared desire to have a greater impact with their dream of an updated, modern approach to therapy.

They started making plans to open their own office, ideally with a green door. Not long after that they had a name and a newly signed lease on an office space and only a couple months to pull everything else together.


Bridget and Brooke partnered with Free The Robot Creative to develop a brand identity for their new practice that communicated their values and engaged their community.

We developed a logo system and brand identity that communicates the welcoming vibe they wanted to have at their practice. Having a green, open door in the logo felt like a no-brainer.

Being a friendly, safe space in their community was a core value for Green Door. We built on the idea of an open door to develop a logo system, visual identity, and brand guidelines for Bridget and Brooke to use as they develop future graphics and materials (which they rock at!).

Our Favorite Part

The Green Door Therapy office space 😍

One obstacle we faced during this project was figuring out how to communicate Green Door’s calm, uplifting, and peaceful personality in their office, which was dark and windowless at the time. The mood board we created with Bridget in Brooke included lots of succulents to bring in greenery and hanging strands of lights to create a warm, cozy glow. Seeing how they took this direction and brought it to life in their space never gets old.


What we did:

Brand Strategy

Logo System

Brand Typography

Illustration / Icons

Social Media Graphics

Business Card Design

Green Door White Squre.png
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Green Door Green Square.png
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Green Door Web Banner Image.jpg
Green Door Brand Color Palette.png

Color Palette

We paired natural greens with soft neutrals to create a soothing palette that welcomes patients on their journey toward mental health in a calm, friendly way.


Icons and Illustrations

In an effort to combat their dark office, Bridget and Brooke decorated with as many succulents and other hardy, low-light plants they could find. We reflected these design choices with a series of illustrated succulents they could use as decoration on their website.

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 9.06.53 PM.png

Brand Fonts

Green Door Brand Typography Tile.png
Green Door Wordmark Tile_1.jpg